Chris Gatti

The Academic Acrobat

Handstand workshop FAQ

The questions listed below are some of the most common questions I get concerning my workshops. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact me.

+ What should I bring to the workshop?

I would recommend the following:

  • water or something to drink
  • something to eat
  • a notebook and pen/pencil
  • additional clothing in case the facility is chilly
  • any forms of body support you usually train with (wraps, braces, etc.)
  • your phone (taking photos/videos of yourself doing the drills can be a very good reference for the future)
  • any questions you might have

+ Can I take photos and videos of you presenting material?

Yes, please do. I often communicate a lot of things during workshops, both verbally and physically. If recording this information on your phone can help you following the workshop, go right ahead.

+ Why is enrollment limited to 12 individuals?

I generally limit my workshops to 12 individuals because this is the largest group that I feel I can work with in a hands-on manner. With this size of a group, I can keep eyes on every individual to see if they physically understand the content that I am communicating. I am able to run around, provide specific and individualized verbal and/or physical corrections, and answer spur-of-the-moment questions. With groups larger than 12, I feel I cannot provide enough individual attention to students.

+ Will I survive the 3-hour beginner handstand workshop?

Yes. We will not be doing 3 hours of handstands in a beginner workshop. The first 45 minutes of the workshop normally consists of an introductory group chat and a general body warmup and stretch. After this, we begin to work handstand-related concepts (mostly inverted, by some floor-based and non-inverted) by working in pairs, with one person attempting a drill/exercise and the other either spotting or watching and providing guidance. Between the pace of working in pairs, and my explanations/demonstrations that happen every 20 minutes or so, the pace is very manageable for anyone that is generally physically active (and that has the prerequisites). In any case, I encourage individuals to listen to their body, to pace themselves, and to take breaks whenever necessary.

+ I have taken the beginner workshop, but I am not an intermediate yet. Do you recommend that I retake the beginner workshop?

Retaking the beginner workshop can be a really helpful thing. If it has been some time since you last took the workshop, and you've spent time training, you are probably in a different place and your body can grasp different things. I am beginning to offer refresher workshops at locations that I have been to before, which is a shorter version of the beginner workshop where it's mostly practice and less presentation. Alternatively, we could work one-on-one and focus more specifically on what is ideal for where you are at.

+ I am in between a beginner and intermediate levels. What workshop do you recommend?

I would recommend that you take the beginner level workshop, as it's very likely that this workshop will not be below your level. For all drills and exercises, I provide a series of progression so that 1) individuals know how to continue training way beyond the workshop, and 2) individuals at the workshop with different ability levels are still challenged and working at their maximum working ability level. If this answer does not appease you, however, you are welcome to send me a video of an average handstand, and I will recommend a workshop level based on that.

+ I do not have the prerequisites for a workshop that I really would like to take. Can I still take this workshop?

I would prefer that you do not take a workshop that is beyond your level. The primary reason for this is that what I present is more or less dependent on the ability to perform the prerequisites. If I have to revisit fundamental and/or elementary concepts to one or two individuals that are at a significantly lower level than the rest of the group, I feel that this can negatively impact the workshop as it forces me to take time to deviate from the content that I had intended to present. I don't think this is fair for the individuals that are at an appropriate working level for the workshop.

+ Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, I normally offer private lessons at facilities that host my workshops. Additionally, if I am between teaching locations and on the road, reach out! I'd love to work with you if you are en route to my next location?

+ Why does your workshop cost vary by location?

Just as the prices of goods and services varies with location, the cost of my workshops does as well. I have minimum and maximum prices that I adhere to, but I work with the hosting facility to determine an appropriate price point.

+ Are your workshops for kids?

Most commonly, the workshops I do are for individuals aged 16+. If there is a younger individual that is interested in attending one of my workshops, generally I would recommend that we work individually. In such a setting, I would present material in a slightly different manner, and perhaps use different drills and exercises. If there is sufficient interest from younger individuals within one area, I'd consider doing a workshop for individuals under the age of 16.

+ How can we set up a workshop at my facility?

Contact me through this website or my social media accounts.