Chris Gatti

The Academic Acrobat

The Handstand Project

I empower people.
I make people believe in themselves.
I give them direction, and they find strength and confidence.
I inspire them with my work, to show them what is possible and where they can go.
I teach handstands.

The Idea

Teach handstands. Everywhere.


The plan is to travel, nearly full-time, with two goals:

  1. Pass on the practice of handbalancing.

  2. Connect with people and inspire people.

There is no end as of right now, but I anticipate being on the road for at least a couple of years. My route will be planned only a few months at a time, and it will likely include everything from picturesque places to impoverished and less fortunate areas where I will donate my time and expertise. I will need to make enough to support myself, though I do not have a goal of attempting to make a significant financial gain.


This project came out of realizing the enjoyment people get from handstands and the positive impact that handstands can have on the body and the mind. Handstands are a mystery to most people, and it is something they often don’t know how to approach. There is an incredible sense of reward in using my knowledge and experience in helping them achieve something they may have thought was impossible to them. I believe that teaching handstands, helping others hold themselves upsidedown, creates connections that are lasting and meaningful.

If you need another reason to believe in this project, it’s because handstands make people happy.

If you think this project is interesting and you would like to help, please contact me or connect me with individuals, studios, gyms, circus schools, or organizations that might be interested in hosting me, or any other avenue that will allow me to teach. Additionally, I currently live out of a van to allow me to travel full time. If you can offer an overnight parking spot or a shower, I would appreciate your support. Thank you for reading.