Chris Gatti

The Academic Acrobat

Manuscript Preparation services

I assist authors with the preparation of their manuscript for journal publication. These services are ideal when the manuscript is in either the pre-submission phase or in the revision phase following a review. These services include: editing for grammar and English, full manuscript review, figure generation, publication-specific manuscript formatting, and English editing assistance. Additionally, these services can be applied to other forms of academic writing as well, including grants, journal review reply letters, etc. Details on each of these services are outlined below, and additional terms are outlined at the bottom of this page.

My research experience has spanned a number of topics, including: biomechanics, orthopaedics, sports medicine, sports science, machine learning, and data analysis. I am also open to assisting with manuscripts for fields outside of my research experience.

References are available upon request. Contact me if your are interested in any of the services below.

manuscript Editing

This is a basic service that includes editing the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, and readability.

Cost: $120
Turnaround time: 5 days

Manuscript Reviewing

This service provides a full manuscript review, which also includes the editing service above. This service is ideal for authors that would like quick feedback on the quality of a manuscript prior to submitting it to a journal for review. The manuscript review will include:

  • General comments on the strengths and weakness of the manuscript

  • Specific comments on readability, writing style, consistency, presentation, formatting

  • Critical assessment of the thoroughness, validity, and significance of the work

  • Suggestions on how to strengthen the manuscript for clarity, completeness, and impact

This service does not include manuscript formatting, but this service can be added for a discounted rate.

Cost: $275
Turnaround time: 10 days

Figure Generation

This service includes two different levels that differ based on the amount of work required. Most commonly, I create or reproduce figures for presenting numerical data, though I also create figures for presenting processes and concepts (which are more involved). Most data-related figures are generated with R, and conceptual figures are generally created using LaTeX (TikZ).

  • Figure reproduction: Creating a simple, clean reproduction of an existing figure (way better than Excel). Additional costs will apply for conceptual figures.
    Cost: $30 / hour
    Turnaround time: 7 days

  • Novel figure generation: Generation of a new figure with non-standard data presentation methods. Additional costs with apply for conceptual figures. I work similar to a tattoo artist in this case, where I can provide suggestions for clarity and readability as well and the final work is a collaboration between both parties.
    Cost: $40 / hour
    Turnaround time: Varies depending on content

Manuscript Formatting

This service turns an unformatted manuscript into a formatted manuscript that adheres to the formatting of the specific journal of your interest. Authors are responsible for all content (especially reference information).

Cost: $150
Turnaround time: 7 days

English Editing Assistance

This service is ideal for non-native English authors where I assist with preparing the text for an English audience. This service requires occasional communication with the author(s) to ensure that edits are in line with their intentions.

Cost: $40 / hour
Turnaround time: Varies depending on level of editing

Additional details:

  • Editing, review, and formatting services are for manuscripts of up to 20 pages, double spaced, 11 or 12 pt font (excluding references, tables, and figures), or about 5000 words. Services for longer manuscripts and supplemental material can be discussed, and an estimate can be quoted prior to accepting my services.

  • Additional fees may apply for the editing and review services if the manuscript requires extensive assistance with the English language.

  • Services can be combined with a discounted rate. Discounts are also available if multiple figures are required.

  • Services can be expedited for an additional costs.

  • Confidentiality of your work is guaranteed. Your work will not be shared or discussed with anyone.

  • Authors are responsible for the final works that are submitted for publication, and any errors and/or mistakes are those of the authors.

  • Questions often arise during the completion of these services, and I will be in communication with the author(s) of the manuscript should questions arise.