Chris Gatti

The Academic Acrobat


The workshop descriptions below roughly outline what I cover in a 3 hour workshop. Content is tailored to the abilities of the group, but most often, workshops contain much of what is listen below. For longer or multi-day workshops, the depth and breadth of content increases.


The beginner workshop is an entry-level workshop that covers the fundamentals of a handstand. This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • handstand-related flexibility

  • basic body positioning and alignment

  • body position refinement

  • balancing

  • kicking to handstand

  • handstand walking (mainly for CrossFit groups)

These topics break down the handstand into a manageable pieces for a beginner. Exercises and progressions will be provided for all topics, all of which will be practiced during the workshop with the intention that individuals understand the concepts sufficiently to be able to train on their own following this workshop.

Prerequisites: This workshop is suitable for individual who have spent some time exploring a handstand in some capacity but who do not have a solid freestanding handstand. Participants should be able to perform at least a 10 second handstand hold against the wall (back to the wall). A freestanding handstand is not a necessary prerequisite to participate.


The intermediate-level workshop explores topics beyond the basics of a standard straight handstand that will challenge both the body and mind. The exact topics will depend on the level and interests of the individuals but typical topics include:

  • body position refinement

  • enhancing balance proficiency

  • press handstands

  • one-arm handstand beginnings (depending on ability levels)

A variety of drills progressions will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced so that individuals can continue to train at their level and to progress on their own.

Prerequisites: Participants should have the ability to hold a freestanding (no wall, no spot) handstand for 20-30 seconds with their legs together and straight, as this is indicative of a good level of body control and comfort in balance.


The advanced handstand workshop primarily focuses on the one arm handstand. Warm-up handstand topics will include a series of advanced two-arm handstand balance exercises. The workshop will then move to one arm handstands, focusing on technical details (specific to position, support, and control), progressions for all stages of working one arm handstands, and accessory exercises.

Prerequisites: Participants should have a consistent two arm handstand practice, with the ability to hold a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds with their legs together and straight.