Chris Gatti

The Academic Acrobat


I've worked in research for about 10 years, starting at the University of Michigan, then at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and now independently. I worked in a computational biomechanics lab for about 5 years while I was at the University of Michigan, first as a research assistant during graduate school, and then as a full-time research engineer. I worked on numerous projects, with the vast majority of them focused on shoulder biomechanics and pathology. Additionally, though, I worked on side projects related to total knee arthroplasty, such as assessing surgeon variability and the beginnings of the Michigan patient registry.

Computational biomechanics got me interested in the computational side of things, which led me to focus on machine learning and data analysis for my PhD at Rennselaer. Since then, and while I've been touring with Cirque and traveling to work, I've been able to focus on projects that are genuinely interesting to me, without having to think about funding. I now work on projects and ideas independently or with a few colleagues in a variety of domains, including data analysis, investing, and scheduling.